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Since 1945, Central Research Laboratories (CRL) has developed a variety of technologies for the safe and efficient handling of nuclear materials where the human operator cannot have direct contact with the material. In 2009, CRL joined DESTACO's portfolio products of containment and automation solutions. DESTACO CRL products allow human operators to safely perform dexterous maneuvers in hazardous or sterile environments.

We have experienced engineers available to help you in developing equipment solutions that enable safe and confident handling of hazardous and toxic materials. DESTACO specializes in customizing our CRL products and developing new products to meet the specific needs of our customers. If you have a special design requirement you would like us to consider please contact us or use the form at right.

DESTACO develops solutions for a number of nuclear industry applications like:


Below are products DESTACO offers for the Nuclear market.
If our off-the-shelf solutions don't fit, we can produce custom solutions that will

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