CAMCO offers a Spare Parts Kit for all CAMCO index drive models CAMCO builds. These kits include oil seals, bearings, shims and miscellaneous haqrdware. Cam followers are sold seperately. These are components that will most likely require replacement during repair of your index drive.

CAMCO recommends a Spare Parts Kit be purchased and kept on hand prior to the disassembly of your CAMCO drive.





Our highly trained Service Technicians can assist your team in performing routine maintenance to extend the life of your indexer. Service can be performed at your site or at Destaco's technical center. We recommed only Destaco approved replacement parts be used for repairs. 

  • Our replacement parts are machined in-house to assure superior quality

  • All repairs done by Destaco come with a 1-year warranty.



  • Minimize machine downtime by purchasing an exact replacement indexer that will allow for a quick change-out.

  • If desired, an older generation of indexer can be replaced with a new generation, by the use of adapter plates and risers provided.



 Utlize Destaco's expertise, knowledge and guniune replacement parts to make your routine maintenance easier. 

Send us a quick message regarding the assistance you need, and we will get back to you by email or phone.



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