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Are Destaco clamps RoHS compliant?


Are Destaco clamps rust-resistant?

Yes. Our carbon steel clamps are zinc plated. And we have a full line of stainless steel clamps for greater corrosion resistance.

Are Destaco’s clamps load-rated for hoisting and/or lifting applications?

In general, yes - for clamping applications. Destaco clamps are not allowed for use in lifting from the safety point of view. Our clamps are not designed for hoisting or lifting applications. For example: to lift people. Each clamp has a specified max. weight which can be used on a clamping arm. Therefore Destaco offers a calculation sheet. (Contact us to request)

Can Destaco’s red handles be removed from their clamps?

In most cases, our grips can be removed by sliding them off. Some of our handle grips are vinyl dipped to fit the contour of the underlying handle design, and would have to be cut off.

Does Destaco offer conversion kits to turn double action swing clamps into single action swing clamps, and visa-versa?

We do not offer single acting pneumatic swing clamps. We do offer single and double acting hydraulic swing clamps. But they have to be ordered as such. They cannot be converted.

Does Destaco offer water-resistant clamp sensors?

The inductive sensors are according to IP65 Class.

Does Destaco sell manual clamps with handle colors besides red?

Yes. These are quoted as specials based on the customer’s requirements.

Does Destaco sell replacement handles for clamps if they become damaged?

For power clamps, yes it is part of the spare part list. (Contact us to request)

Does the color of Destaco clamp handles mean anything?

No real significance. It is a recognizable area, due to the contrasting color, to make it obvious where the operating handle is and where the operator should grab it.

How does Destaco manual clamps work with, and benefit, fixture applications?

They are a “third hand” to help securely hold a part into a fixture in a safe and ergonomic way. They are quick acting to improve productivity and cycle times.

How does the Toggle Lock Plus® feature improve Destaco's manual clamps, how does it function, and what are its benefits?

The Toggle Lock Plus® feature provides a secondary latching mechanism to help ensure that the clamps stays in the over-center toggle lock position. It is useful when the clamp’s fixture is moving, is inverted, is overhead, is in a vibratory environment. It provides another level of safety for the operator and the equipment it is being used on.

Is it possible to order Destaco red handle clamps without the Destaco logo?

Special grips of this nature can be requested and quoted as specials.

What does a clamp's holding force mean?

The holding force holds the part/sheet metal down during the manufacturing process.

What is the recommended grease to be put inside of the Destaco clamps when rebuilding?

For the mechanical portion of our clamps, we recommend a coupling grease like Mobil XTC. For our pneumatic cylinder seals, we recommend Magnalube G grease.

What materials are Destaco’s manual clamps made from?

They are made from a variety of materials. See the technical appendix page MC-TEC 5.

What’s the difference between hold force vs. clamp force?

The clamping force is the force which are needed to clamp the sheet metal/part into the clamping position. The holding force holds the part/sheet metal down during the manufacturing process. Holding Capacity is a maximum measurement of how strong the clamp is, and how much force it can withstand based on its design parameters. This is a fixed value. It can be defined as “the maximum amount of force which may be applied to the workholding bar, in the closed position, without creating permanent deformation of the clamp’s components”. Clamping Force, or Exerting Force, is the actual force the clamp is exerting onto the workpiece, and is calculated based on several factors – How much force is being applied by the operator or the actuating cylinder; the mechanical advantage designed into the linkage of the clamp; the position on the clamping bar and how much of an opposing force is being applied based on the hold-down spindle adjustment. THE CLAMPING FORCE APPLIED SHOULD NEVER EXCEED THE RATED HOLDING CAPACITY.

Will NAAMS standard clamp arms work with Destaco clamp bodies?

We have NAAMS standard arms in our product portfolio.

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