Frequently Asked Questions & Answers for General Products

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Are Destaco products available for quick delivery?

Yes - the Xpress program has a complete product line offering of “off the shelf” products.

Are Destaco products REACH certified?

Yes, and Destaco can provide a list of which chemicals are compatible with their products. This is important information for you to know, as acids can eat the plating off of specific products.

Can Destaco customize, or create special versions of, their products for my application?

Yes - Destaco offers custom products and partnered solutions.

Do you do special modifications upon request?

Yes. In the past 20 years, we’ve done over 4,000 specials. Contact our technical support team to learn more.

Do you have any low cost products?

Yes, a new range of products designed for low cost is available.

Do you have products that are intrinsically safe?

Yes - Destaco offers products that do not produce sparks.

Do you offer a preventative maintenance schedule for products?

All power clamps are maintenance free 3 million cycles.

Does Destaco sell rebuild kits for their products?

No, but Destaco does offer seals and individual replacement parts. Contact 'Technical Support' to learn more.

How can you increase sensor positions?

Add sensors externally and utilize analog feedback sensors.

Is there a specific lubricant that you recommend using with Destaco products?

Magnalube G for most non-food application products and Crytox for food grade applications and custom products.

Is there sizing software available?

Yes - the Robosizer sizing tool is available for enhanced product selection.

What are some best practices for quick and easy re-lubrication of Destaco products?

1. Shut off power to the product. 2. Mark any tubing with a piece of tape and identify the open/close tubes. 3. Remove each port tube. 4. Place a drop of light machine oil into any pneumatic tubes. 5. Reinsert the tubes into the product. 6. Return air pressure to the system.

What are some best practices for reducing time and expenses?

Use DirectConnect to mount components together without adapter plates between slides, rotaries, and grippers.

What are the tolerances associated with Destaco products?

That information varies based on the product, so contact customer service regarding tolerances and open closed/angles. (+/-)

What constitutes an extreme environment, requiring products designed for that environment?

Environments that are clean room, wash down, dirty, hot, nuclear or corrosive. We offer a complete line of standard products for these environments. We can also make modifications tailored to your specific needs.

What do the maximum values in the catalog mean?

Maximum values define the upper limit of various design parameters. Under no circumstances should any maximum values be exceeded.

What is Destaco's return policy?

Contact Destaco's customer service for warranty and return policy.

What is DirectConnect and how does it work?

DirectConnect is a patented mounting technology that allows grippers, rotary actuators and slides to be mounted together without adaptor plates, saving time, money and space.

What is the difference between inductive and magnetoresistive sensing?

Inductive sensors sense a steel target, usually externally mounted and are more expensive than magnetoresistive which are slot mounted and detect an internal magnet usually placed in the product’s piston or other internal moving component.

What is the difference between options and accessories?

Options are factory installed and are part of the product order string. Accessories are sold separately and attached by the customer using simple hand tools.

What is the difference between static and dynamic loading?

Static loading is an external force applied to the device when it is not moving. Dynamic is when it is actuating its move.

Why are sensors and cables sold separately?

Quick disconnect sensors allow simple replacement of the sensor at the gripper, without having to rewire all the way back to the junction box.

Why are temperature limits for product with Viton seals different for one another?

The seal is not the only temperature sensitive component in the product. Some other components may have limiting temperature thresholds themselves.

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