Parallel Grippers

RTH - Shielded 3-Jaw Centering Parallel Gripper


The RTH Series 3-Jaw Parallel Gripper is ideal for machine load/unload applications. It''s shielded design repels chips and other particulate from the internal drive mechanism. Each gripper is avaliable in two stroke lengths.
  • The 3 concentric jaws and excellent repeatability make it easier to accurately load and unload round parts
  • Compact, robust and powerful gripper can be used in confined spaces, combining long strokes with a high grip force
  • The large surface area of the jaws coupled with the encapsulated bottom case design allows for long finger designs
  • Versatile gripper with a wide range of options and accessories
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Stroke (in) 0.32
Stroke per Jaw (in) 0.16
Max Vacuum (in. Hg) 8
Grip Force (lbf) 100
Maximum Finger Length (in) 3.15
Weight (lb) 0.6
Grip Force with Spring Assist (lb) 130
Repeatability (±in) 0.0008
Cylinder Bore (in) 1.26
Max Vacuum (mm Hg) 20
Maximum Finger Length (mm) 80
Stroke (mm) 8
Repeatability (±mm) 0.02
Stroke per Jaw (mm) 4
Weight (kg) 0.25
Grip Force with Spring Assist (N) 579
Cylinder Bore (mm) 32
Imperial or Metric Product Metric
accuracy_mm_metric 0.04
Grip Force (N) 443
Actuation (Open/Closed) (Sec) 0.06
Temp Range Viton -30° to 150°C (-20° to 300°F)
Special Feature Heavy Duty
Product Function Gripping
Pressure Range With Springs 60-100 psi
Product Type 3 Jaw Parallel
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Number of Jaws 3
Temp Range Standard -35° to 80°C (-30° to 180°F)
Product Series RTH
Spring Assist Optional
Pressure Range Without Springs 30-100 psi