CAMCO HDE Series: Programmable and Fixed Station Indexers

Cost effective high performance indexing

DESTACO's new CAMCO HDE Series indexers deliver 5-year maintenance-free operation with industry leading torque ratings to support large dynamic payloads. The HDE1200S is a freely-programmable servo-based indexer while the HDE1200M is a mechanical indexer that uses an AC induction motor drive package. The open base mounting frame can be scaled in both width and height to fit existing and new assembly line requirements. These indexers are ideal for continuous operation in automotive and packaging applications.


  • Industry leading torque rating - up to 27500 Nm
  • High capacity dynamic payload - 14500 kg
  • Space savings with large center opening for fixtures and utilities
  • Programmable servo driven or AC induction motor drive package options
  • Easy-access field-replaceable cam followers

Download the HDE Catalog below (CATALOG - MDE/HDE Indexers Section) for assistance is selecting the right HDE Indexer for your application.



  • 5-year maintenance-free operation
  • HDE1200M has easy system integration with SEW® and NORD® drive solutions
  • HDE1200S integrates with a broad selection of servo motors
  • Quick-stop safe operation with industry leading E-stops times
  • Precision positioning with zero backlash
  • Flexible mounting for custom height and width requirements
  • Global technical support for indexer sizing and servicing
  • Space savings with large center opening to route fixtures and utilities



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