Hydraulic Workholding Products

hydraulic workholding clampsDESTACO hydraulic clamping products provide powered workholding solutions where greater clamping forces combined with fast, repeatable and reliable actuation are needed, such as those faced in the modern machine shop. We offer a variety of  hydraulic and workhold clamping components, power sources and accessories that are ideal for retrofitting or updating simple mechanical systems or more complex clamping and locating applications. Most components are available as singe-acting to allow the use of our air-oil boosters. These economical power sources offer an affordable way to get the power of a hydraulic system with the use of your shop air supply.

Review our entire clamping technology line through our visual selection guide, view all of our hydraulic power clamps, or contact us today to share your application details - then our experts will guide you towards the right Destaco solutions!




  • High clamping forces with relatively small clamping elements
  • Repeatable and consistent clamping force given part size variation
  • Remote operation of many clamping elements for increased productivity
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