Robohand Thrusters & Slides for Linear Positioning

Destaco’s MPS-2-2 Series of miniature, dual-V roller bearing slides feature a built-in air cylinder and are offer a compact design.


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Cylinder Bore (in) .438
Thrust Force (lbf) 15
Weight (lb) 0.32
Force (lb) 15
Linear Accuracy per 1" travel (±in) 0.001
Payload (lb) 1.3
Max Stroke (in) 2
Stroke (in) 2
Cylinder Bore (mm) 11.1
Imperial or Metric Product Metric Version
Payload (kg) 0.59
Linear Accuracy per 25 mm travel (±mm) 0.003
Thrust Force (N) 67
Stroke (mm) 51
Force (kg) 67
Pressure Range (bar) 20-100 psi
Weight (kg) 0.14
Power Max (Watts) 50.8
Special Feature Zero Side Play
Actuation Time per 25 mm (1.00") of travel (sec) (Sec) 0.14
Direct Connect Yes
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Temp Range Viton -30° to 120°C (-20° to 250°F)
Product Function Linear Positioning
Product Series MPS
Temp Range Standard -35° to 80°C (-30° to 180°F)