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DESTACO's Accelerate Vision Virtual Reality design tool makes a splash at Automation 2017

Cobots and smart machines top the list of Automate 2017 highlights

Friday May 5, 2017
Alyssa Dalton
Manufacturing Automation

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Virtual reality makes a splashAccelerate Vision Virtual Reality for End Effector Tool Design
Several booths featured virtual reality, one of which was Destaco, which highlighted its new Accelerate Vision Virtual Reality (VR) digital design solutions tool. Describing it as a next-generation VR technology, Destaco said the tool will improve end effector production accuracy and speed.

“Upon design review, the Accelerate Vision VR tool allows us to create complete process simulations,” explained Stefan Eggers, company vice president, global sales and service. “This key analysis and simulation enables us to capture interface positioning, additional collision points and maximize the press speed. After detailed simulation analysis is verified, we can move to accurately build and validate the end effector tool.”

As the speed of manufacturing continues to increase, the design process for these components must also be accelerated while meeting strict demands regarding die-making and tooling accuracy and precision, stressed the company.

I had the opportunity to check out the tool myself and it was quite the experience. The VR world was so immersive the second I slipped on the goggles, I almost forgot I was in a buzzing conference hall for a bit!

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