PGM Series - Parallel Gear Servo Positioners

GTB Series Servo Positioners

Destaco’s  Camco PGM Series is used for small high speed positioning and provides sub-positioning on large servo positioning applications.

  • Precision Servo Reducer with Pre-loaded Parallel Cam Structure
  • Lubricated for life
  • Integrated Motor Clamp System
  • Large thru-hole diameter for space constrained machine applications.

The PGM features a parallel gear mechanism (hence the name PGM) that helps the positioner deliver precise, reliable and repeatable movement over many thousands of work cycles.



  • Up to 60:1 gear ratio for high torque applications
  • Large payload capacity in compact housing
  • Lightweight rigid steel housing
  • Lubricated for life for minimal wear and maintenance
  • Up to 85 mm thru-hole for utilities
  • Vertical and horizontal mounting orientation with the same model
  • Zero backlash with direct motor coupling
  • Precision positioning with 40-arcsecond accuracy depending on model
  • Smooth operation using a precision engineered globoidal roller gear cam design
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