Pneumatic Grippers

A pneumatic gripper is a type of pneumatic actuator gripping solution that includes tooling jaws or fingers that grasp an object. Grippers are run on compressed air and have the ability to pick up, place, hold and release objects while an action is being executed. The most popular types of grippers are 2 jaw parallel and 2 jaw angular grippers, both types are available from DESTACO. Parallel grippers open and close parallel to the object it is handling while angular grippers move their jaws wider than parallel jaws and require more space. DESTACO also supplies 3 jaw paralleland sheet metal grippers for more particular handling requirements.

DESTACO recently launched its latest pneumatic gripper, the 84N Sheet Metal Gripper: (video below)



  • Fail-safe grippers
  • Originator of the double-wedge design for long-life, robust grippers
  • The DirectConnect™ feature allows for a complete multi-axis pick & place solution without the need for transition plates.
  • Low break-away precision grippers for picking up fragile precision parts with high repeatability
  • Available in a wide range of sizes and configurations
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