RUA - Cylindrical Spring Assist Series

Model: RUA-142M-P

Category: Pneumatic Grippers

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Range of two jaws angular grippers including 5 models. Total stroke varying from 31.8° to 38.2° and torque varying from 13 to 456Nm. Ideal gripper for automotive applications. Many options available

  • The RUA series are shielded to avoid debris from entering. The boot option (E) protect gripper from small particles
  • Sensing options: Magneto-Resistive sensors available, probe (T) and integrated sensor (KH, KS)
  • Options: spring safety (RE or RI), tandem (M) to double the force, Viton (V) for high temperatures, hydraulic (H)
  • For industrial and heavy-duty applications
Imperial or Metric Product Metric
Grip Force (N) 3,941
Grip Force (lbsf) 886
Total Stroke (deg) 35
Cylinder Bore (mm) 105
Cylinder Bore (in) 4.13
Opening Per Jaw (degrees) 18
Pressure Range (bar) 2-7
Pressure Range (psi) 30-100
Displacement (cm³) 215.00
Displacement (in³) 13.200
Temp Range Viton -30° to 150°C (-20° to 300°F)
Accuracy (±mm) 0.080
Accuracy (±in) 0.003
Repeatability (±mm) 0.030
Repeatability (±in) 0.001
Maximum Finger Length (mm) 228
Maximum Finger Length (in) 9.00
Protection Class IP54
Actuation Time 0.6
Configuration Pneumatic
Product Type 2 Jaw Angular
Special Feature Heavy Duty
Spring Assist Optional
Weight (kg) 4.10
Weight (lb) 9.05
Product Series Description 2-Jaw Angular Gripper
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