Tool Changers
Destaco’s RTP Series of modular, robot tool changers are designed to allow the two halves to couple at up to a 0.1” (2.5mm) gap.


Our modular robot tool changers lead the industry with a wide variety of utilities are available to quick disconnect, I/O, air, water, weld power, servo power, vacuum lines.
  • The RQC series offer a high level of flexibility accommodating up to 4 optional modules to be picked up among a wide choice
  • The 6 rollers patented mechanism provides a low stress, highly rigid locking capability
  • The design allows the two halves to couple at up to a 0.1" [2.5mm] gap and to be safe in case of air failure"
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Product Details Unit View:
Weight (lb) 2.0
Max Payload (lb) 200.0
Max Moment (in-lb) 7200.0
Max Moment (Nm) 810.0
Max. Payload (kg) 90.0
Weight (kg) 0.9
Product Function Robotic Tooling
Product Type Flexible Automatic
Product Series RTP-200