Enclosed Pneumatic Power Clamps | Dual Arm, Tolerance Compensation - 84A Series

Destaco's new 84A40 and 84A50 Series of of dual-arm tolerance compensations clamps are offered in two sizes and have a cam-type mechanis for smooth operation. The design offers customers consistent high clamps force throughout the clamping stroke. The standard clamp arm motion is 90 degrees for each arm, in a scissors-like action for a total opening of 180 degrees. There is 2 degrees of compensation per clamping arm or 4 degrees total compensation, allowing the clamp to self adjust without the need to use shims. When it comes to holding and positioning workpieces perfect in place, Destaco has the right clamps to get the job done.

Automotive, Consumer Goods, Industrial

Fixturing and Testing, Welding, Assembly

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