Destaco’s WR-2000-120-7 Series of pneumatic power cylinders power machines, tools, and other workholding devices.

Model: WR2000-50-7

Category: Pneumatic Power Cylinders for Clamping, Stamping & Pressing – WK Series

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Power element of machines, tool and devices. Mechanical advantage 10:1, due to the wedge lever principle. The unit has a two steps stroke consisting of the forward stroke and the power stroke with the amplified force (20 kN).

  • Dual rods prevent twisting
  • 10:1 mechanical advantage
  • Characteristic are the two steps of stroke: the forward stroke to move a certain distance and the power stroke with an amplified force on a short distance
  • Exact positioning of cylinder by flange mount on cylinder’s head
  • Cylinder works in any position
  • High durability because of solid and maintenance free wedge lever mechanics.
  • End position control by magnetic field sensing

Note: Use only clean, water- and oil-free compressed air. Force must be transmitted via the center of the pressure plate. One-sided loading of the pressure plate should be avoided.

Max. Clamping Force (N) 20,000
Max. Clamping Force (lbf) 4,496
Forward Stroke (mm) 50.0
Forward Stroke (in) 1.970
Cylinder Bore (mm) 70
Cylinder Bore (in) 2.76
Power Stroke (mm) 7.0
Power Stroke (in) 0.276
Temperature Range -5 to 75°C (23 to 167°F)
Product Type Piston with Dual Rods
Piston force within forward stroke at 6 bar (N) 2,000
Piston force within forward stroke at 6 bar (lbf) 450
Air Consumption per double stroke at 6 bar (ft³) 3.620
Air Consumption per double stroke at 87 psi (ft³) 0.13
Stroke Frequency depending on total stroke (per minute) 5 to 25
Weight (kg) 15.50
Weight (lb) 34.10
Product Series Description Power Cylinder
Product Function Clamping
Product Family Heavy-Duty Pneumatic Clamping
Product Group pneumatic power cylinder
Brand Destaco
Distributor Group Workholding (Manual, Power and Hydraulic Clamps)
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