Destaco Port Only Adapters are typically used when the customer incorporates a remote vacuum generator with the end effector tooling.

Vacuum Generators & Port Only Adapters

ARV® - the original, patented Auto-Release Venturi offers users the fastest vacuum and blow-off in the industry with single line operation, integrated blow-off and built-in exhaust silencer. Mounting options include right or left hand apple core mounting or no apple core mount for use with DESTACO's spring cup mounts. The ARV® Series is also available in a block style for remote mounting and each mount can be ordered with Imperial or Metric ports. DESTACO has improved upon the already extremely successful ARV by adding a quick-release button to easily fine tune vacuum cup position during setup.

Aerospace, Automotive, Food and Packaging, Industrial, Consumer Goods

Stamping, CNC Machining, Plastic injection molding

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