Brand Pillar: Comprehensive

Industry: Automotive/ Transportation

Product Lines: Auto-Release Venturi (ARV®)

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A major automotive manufacturing company wanted to increase production and reduce costs of press room operations.


DESTACO developed the Auto Release Venturi (ARV) Vacuum Generator/Cup Mount. The ARV requires only a single air line, reducing air consumption compared to traditional two-line venture vacuum generators. The ARV replaced central vacuum pump systems on several crossbar press applications and traditional two-line venturi operations (vacuum/blow-off) on more than a dozen robotic tandem lines.

The ARV's standard built-in silencer reduces noise to below industrial standards, reducing operator fatigue. An optional vacuum sensor port allows part-present sensing, either directly mounted on the ARV's body, or remotely mounted on the automation. This form of part present sensing eliminates the cost of the brackets and cables for proximity switch part present sensing. Several mounting options allow the ARV to be used in various automation end effecter configurations with ease. The ARV has been tested to 25 million panel pick up and release cycles replicating approximately five years of regular service.



With the ARV, the manufacturer was able to reduce air consumption by 60% with its single air line operation, requiring half of the air lines and fittings needed by previous two line system. In addition to less air consumption, this manufacturer experienced increased Engineered Running Capacity (ERC), from 1.5 to 3 strokes per minute. This increase is due to the ARV’s atmospheric vent which allows all cups to release simultaneously, therefore panels don’t tip or shift, thus eliminating costly damage and downtime. DESTACO continues to offer innovative solutions by offering the ARV in a Stainless Steel version for medical and Class 10 clean room applications and a Multi-Flow version for use with porous and textured surfaces.

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