Understanding Precision Grippers

Achieving accurate and repeatable part-placement in assembly or machining applications require the highest levels of precision. This is where Precision Grippers play a critical role in optimizing the user’s operations. The key to achieving a very high degree of accuracy in part placement requires the use of precision grippers. Precision grippers have excellent parallelism between the gripper’s jaws and body, with zero side play that can compromise repeatability. Precision grippers are manufactured with high quality materials and tight machining tolerances resulting in exceptional repeatability for up to and beyond 5 million operating cycles, Additionally, all forms of grippers, whether parallel, angular, pneumatic or electric in design, must be sized properly in relation to part weight, air pressure and gripper finger length. Ideally the gripper should not be oversized or undersized, though an oversized gripper can improve safety in some applications.


Destaco offers two product types to deliver gripping precision:

  1. Dual “V” Roller Bearing Grippers: This smooth, friction-free operation design makes roller bearing grippers extremely repeatable and ideal for low pressure, small part handling applications. These precision grippers support longer fingers with no reduction in accuracy or repeatability. The shielded, angular bearing design of this gripper style eliminates finger side play during operation. If finger side play does develop, a simple adjustment to the gripper’s preload setting will eliminate any gap between the working jaw and body components of the gripper that developed during operation over time.

  2. Sliding Jaw Grippers: Sliding jaw grippers are an excellent choice for use in rugged operating environments due to the sliding components that can absorb vibration, impacts and shocks without losing precision or repeatability. This design and method of operation gives sliding jaw grippers a rate of repeatability and accuracy that can make every part movement precise to within 0.05mm or 0.002 inch. Two- and three-jaw pneumatic parallel grippers are the most popular types used in production facilities. These grippers can deliver a very high level of grip force in a small footprint.

Contact our experts today, review our precision parallel gripper product overview, or browse our precision grippers below!

RP-P: Highest precision. Long finger lengths. Delicate parts handling.
DPL Family
DPL: Longest strokes in compact length. Long finger lengths. DirectConnect.
2PP Family
2P: Spring assist. Double force tandem cylinder option. Large choice of configurable options.
DPP Family
DPP: Highest precision, low pressure applications. Zero side play with Dual-V bearing design. DirectConnect.
DGC: Rugged applications. Spring assist. DirectConnect.
RPL Family
RPL: Low pressure applications, zero side play, excellent repeatability, long finger lengths. Delicate parts Handling.
GC: Rugged applications. Spring assist.
RPLC: Shielded for Clean or Harsh Environments. Low Pressure Applications, Zero Side Play. Excellent Repeatability.