RR-Heavy Duty - Flange Output Rotary Actuator

Model: RR-56

Category: Pneumatic Rotary Actuators

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This heavy-duty rotary actuator is ideal for payloads up to 200 lbs [91Kg] in weight. They are available in standard 45, 90, 135 or 180 degrees of rotation. Optional shocks/stops, mid-stop and rotary manifold available.

  • Low profile and bearing supported turn table provides an extremely compact package for tight space applications
  • Payload can be connected directly to the turn table. Eliminates the need for a bearing block
  • Zero backlash, preloaded ball bearings, and slip fit dowel pins make this a very precise and repeatable rotary actuator
Torque (Nm) 35
Torque (in-lb) 311
Max.Payload (kg) 13
Max.Payload (lb) 30
Pressure Range (bar) 40-100 psi
Bore (in) 1.625
Displacement (in³) 9.770
Temp Range Standard -30'F - 180'F
Temp Range Viton -20'F - 300'F
Actuation (Open/Closed) 0.48 sec
Repeatability ±0.02'
Max Payload With Shocks (kg) 13.60
Max Payload With Shocks (lb) 30.0
Max Payload Inertia With Shocks (Nm-sec²) 0.02880
Max Payload Inertia With Shocks (lb-in-sec²) 0.2549
Max Torque Mid-Stroke (in-lbs) 311
Max Torque End-Stroke (in-lbs) 155
Max Rotation (Degrees) 180
Weight (kg) 5.30
Weight (lb) 11.60
Product Series Description RR Actuator - Medium
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