D-Series Output Overload Clutch


"D" Type overload clutches are designed to mount on CAMCO index drives with large dial mounting surfaces. The dial plate rests directly on the index drive output flange, providing stability and accuracy.
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Use with Dial Thickness (in) 0.5
Torque Setting (in-lbs) 420|620|750|1150|1750|2950|4000
Internal Inertia (lb-in²) 69
Internal Inertia (lb-in²) 69
Use with Dial Thickness (mm) 12.7
Internal Inertia (kgm²) 0.0202
Internal Inertia (kgm²) 0.0202
Detector Plate 1|2
Product Function Rotary Positioning
Product Series D-Type
Product Type Flange Output
Family Overload Clutch
Output Flange
Associated Index Drive 601RDM