Mechanical Rotary Indexers

Destaco’s 8ZW-1006-1 Series roller dial index drives are ideal for rotary dial applications.


RDM Series Index Drives are ideal for rotary dial applications with features including:
  • Low Profile
  • Large center thru hole
  • Large output mounting surface supported by 4-point contact bearing offering superior thrust and moment capacity
  • Complete, motorized drive packages and option overload clutch
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Product Details Unit View:
Maximum Inertia Load at 60 indexes per minute (lb-in² x 1000) 728
Output Thrust/Axial Capacity (lb) 7000
Internal Inertia (lb-in²) 612
output_thrust_axial_capacity_lb_english 7000
Height To Mounting Surface (in) 6.88
Maximum Torque (in-lb) 9531
Internal Inertia (lb-in²) 612
Mounting Surface Diameter (in) 9.46
Output Radial Capacity (lb) 3540
Center Distance (in) 6
b10_torque_capacity_inlb_english 8234
mounting_surface_diameter_in_english 9.46
center_thru_hole_diameter_in_english 2.31
Maximum Inertia Load at 30 indexes per minute (lb-in² x 1000) 2914
center_distance_in_english 6
Center Thru Hole Diameter (in) 2.31
output_radial_capactiry_lb_english 3540
B10 Torque Capacity (in-lb) 8234
maximum_torque_inlb_english 9531
output_overturning_moment_capacity_inlb_english 21620
height_t0_mounting_surface_in_english 6.88
Output Overturning Moment Capacity (in-lb) 21620
output_overturning_moment_capacity_nm_metric 6.327
Center Distance (mm) 152.4
Maximum Torque (Nm) 1077
Maximum Torque (Nm) 1077
Mounting Surface Diameter (mm) 240.3
Output Overturning Moment Capacity (Nm) 6.327
output_radial_capactiry_n_metric 15753
Maximum Inertia Load at 60 indexes per minute (kgm² x 1000 ) 0.213
Maximum Inertia Load at 30 indexes per minute (kgm² x 1000 ) 0.853
output_thrust_axial_capacity_n_metric 31150
B10 Torque Capacity (Nm) 930
center_thru_hole_diameter_mm_metric 58.7
Internal Inertia (kgm²) 0.179
b10_torque_capacity_nm_metric 930
Imperial or Metric Product Imperial
center_distance_mm_metric 152.4
Output Radial Capacity (N) 15753
mounting_surface_diameter_mm_metric 240.284
Center Thru Hole Diameter (mm) 58.7
height_t0_mounting_surface_mm_metric 174.752
Output Thrust/Axial Capacity (N) 31150
Height To Mounting Surface (mm) 174.8
Internal Inertia (kgm²) 0.179
Output Flange
Smart Number Motion Spec G
Series 902RDM
Family RDM
Index Period (deg) 330
Connector R225 reducer and 1 hp AC motor (220/440V)
Drive Package R225 reducer and 1 hp AC motor (220/440V)
Stops 16
Product Series 902RDM
Repeatability (arcsec) ±7
Product Function Rotary Positioning
Base Model 902RDM16H32-330
Motion ms
Accuracy (arcsec) ±27
Product Type Flange Output