Servo Rotary Positioners

GTB Servo Positioning Tables (Geared Input)


The GTB series compact gear drive servo-mechanical positioners deliver high torque for demanding payload applications with large inertia moments. The GTB units are orientation independent for flexible mounting supporting trunnion mount and flat table applications. The compact design features a wide through hole for utilities occupying less space than other servo indexers for space constraint applications.
  • Grease-filled, lubricated for life
  • Both horizontal or vertical mounting
  • Large through hole
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Maximum Torque (in-lb) 1859
height_t0_mounting_surface_in_english 3.07
Mounting Surface Diameter (in) 3.54
Height To Mounting Surface (in) 3.07
Internal Inertia (lb-in²) 0.137
center_thru_hole_diameter_in_english 1.97
Output Overturning Moment Capacity (in-lb) 752
Center Distance (in) 2.48
Internal Inertia (lb-in²) 0.137
output_overturning_moment_capacity_inlb_english 752
output_radial_capactiry_lb_english 337
Output Radial Capacity (lb) 337
maximum_torque_inlb_english 1859
center_distance_in_english 2.48
Weight (lb) 13.7
mounting_surface_diameter_in_english 3.54
output_thrust_axial_capacity_lb_english 416
Output Thrust/Axial Capacity (lb) 416
Center Thru Hole Diameter (in) 1.97
Imperial or Metric Product Metric
output_overturning_moment_capacity_nm_metric 85
height_t0_mounting_surface_mm_metric 78
Weight (kg) 6.2
Output Radial Capacity (N) 1500
Center Thru Hole Diameter (mm) 50
center_distance_mm_metric 63
Maximum Torque (Nm) 210
Height To Mounting Surface (mm) 78
center_thru_hole_diameter_mm_metric 50
Output Overturning Moment Capacity (Nm) 85
Internal Inertia (kgm²) 0.00004
output_thrust_axial_capacity_n_metric 1850
output_radial_capactiry_n_metric 1500
Maximum Torque (Nm) 210
Mounting Surface Diameter (mm) 90
Center Distance (mm) 63
Internal Inertia (kgm²) 0.00004
mounting_surface_diameter_mm_metric 90
Output Thrust/Axial Capacity (N) 1850
Input Type Geared
Constant Lead Ratio 60
Family GTB
Product Function Rotary Positioning
Product Series GTB
Base Model GTB63-GGxxx
Motor Brands Mitsubishi|Yaskawa|Panasonic|AB|Siemens
Product Type Geared
Output Flange
Series GTB