PAT Aluminum Tubing

Model: CPI-PAT-15-06

Category: Round Tooling

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Product Details

  • Specify length (L) in 6.00" increments
  • Weight: 1.2 kg/m (1.8 lb/ft)
Length (mm) 152.4
Length (in) 6.000
Diameter (mm) 38.1
Diameter (in) 1.500
Material Aluminum 6061-T6
Wall Thickness (mm) 6.35
Wall Thickness (in) 0.250
Linear Deflection 0.22" @ 100lb/24.00"
Torsional Twist 3.1° @ 300ft-lbs
Product Type Tubing
Tube Size 1.50 in
Product Series Description Booms, Tubing and Bar
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