Camco RSD - Rotary Servo Drive

Smarter Indexing

DESTACO's CAMCO RSD is a zero-backlash, cam-actuated drive, compatible with industry-standard servo motors for precise control and flexibility. Review our product overview guide or contact our application experts to find the right model for your project!



The RSD can be used for rotary or linear applications.

Application has...This requires...Use the RSD for...
  • Uneven motion or displacement
  • Change in direction
  • Different products running on the same machine
Flexibility and Logic
  • Zero backlash
  • Thru hole
  • Large mounting surface
  • High-speed positioning
Preload / Zero Backlash
  • Positive positioning at high speeds or with rapid speed change
  • Zero-backlash preloaded system for High accuracy, Smooth motion, and High speed moves
  • Indexing motion flexibility - Vary indexing distance, time, and direction
  • Output options to mount to your equipment
    • Large flange with thru hole
    • 32mm diameter shaft
    • External shrink disk for 30 or 40 mm shaft
    • Internal shrink disk for 30 mm shaft
  • Wide variety of ratios in a single stage: 4:1 to 18:1
  • Large overturning moment capacity due to large output bearing
  • Universal Mounting
  • Maintenance-free operation
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