Destaco products play a significant role in the automotive Body-in-White (BIW) manufacturing process. At this automotive manufacturing stage, the plain, non-painted, steel frame components are welded and assembled together to form the vehicle’s basic structure. These various frame components need to be positioned accurately and held securely during the BIW welding and assembling operations, which are performed by a robot or by manual processes. Destaco offers exceptional products, and design solutions, answering the BIW positioning and workholding needs.


The tools and equipment are well thought-out when the BIW process engineering and spec engineering departments are developing their operational strategies and production objectives. Selecting the right tools and equipment is crucial to the entire BIW manufacturing process success. Destaco is rooted in providing solutions to the automotive industry since being founded in 1915, first working with the automotive industry way back then. As a leader, Destaco’s product designs have enabled the Vehicle Operations Manufacturing Engineers (VOME) to advance their operations throughout the decades, and Destaco continues to lead the way with new and unique innovations offering solutions for continuous advancements.

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Automotive plants, following the North American Automotive Manufacturing Standards (NAAMS), require tools and equipment that are NAAMS compliant. Destaco answers this requirement with our automotive industry products. Contact Destaco and ask for the Automotive Team to assist you with questions regarding Destaco NAAMS compliant products.


Destaco provides multiple solutions for the Press Stamping process, another segment of automotive manufacturing. To learn more about Destaco’s products specifically for Press Shop Stamping operations, please click here.

DESTACO provides solutions for all areas of body-in-white, including:

Assembly, CNC Machining, Press room/ stamping, Hot Forming, Welding

Cnc machining
Press room stamping
Hot Forming

DESTACO provides an extensive CAD library, sizing software, and online tools - along with full engineering and support services that will maximize your manufacturing processes, worldwide. Our robotic tooling Simulation services, designed specifically for the automotive industry, speeds up the design process and reduces the risks and costs associated with unexpected downtime.

DESTACO provides for all areas of automotive body-in-white manufacturing, including:

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