Squeeze Action Clamps

Also known as portable, or plier clamps, the jaws of the DESTACO Squeeze Action Clamps are locked automatically when closing, as one or both handles are squeezed against the central position. The jaws of most models are drop-forged in steel and most are supplied with 1 or 2 adjustable spindles. Most medium and heavy-duty squeeze action plier clamps feature the DESTACO trigger release for easy one-hand opening. All forged models are heat-treated alloy steel, machined to close tolerances. Squeeze Action clamps provide quick and flexible clamping.





  • Clamps lock automatically when closing
  • Features the DESTACO trigger release for easy one-hand opening
  • Most models feature jaws drop-forged in steel
  • Forged models are heat-treated alloy steel and machined to close tolerances.
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