Light Duty Pneumatic Toggle Clamps

light duty pneumatic toggle clampsDESTACO Pneumatic Toggle Clamps utilize the same basic design and operation as manual hold-down or straight-line toggle clamps, but are operated pneumatically. They retain the desirable toggle-lock safety feature, so they stay mechanically locked even with total loss of air pressure. Holding capacities are a function of the cylinder/clamp/pressure combination. The units are completely self-contained and require only a pressure source hook-up. Most models are equipped with a magnetic piston ring for end position sensing using optional switches.

Models of Pneumatic Toggle Clamps include:

  • Hold Down Toggle Clamp
  • Straight Line Toggle Clamp
  • Retractor Clamp
  • Clamp Accessories

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  • Toggle-lock safety feature, so they stay mechanically locked even with total loss of air pressure
  • Consistent clamping force
  • Remote operation
  • Fast response time
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