Tolerance Compensation Power Clamp - TCC-2

Greater Flexibility

Destaco's new TCC Series adds greater flexibility by offering tolerance compensation, allowing the clamp to self-adjust within three degrees of clamp arm moving without need to use shims.

The TCC Series is well suited for a number of applications, including manual and automated fixture welding, positioning and locating. The TCC Series is available in three sizes: 40,50,63


Tolerance compensation for variable sheet metal thicknesses within three degrees of arm movement



  • Infinite arm opening:
    Adjust from 5 - 135°
    Easily adjustable in the field
    Sensors never need adjustment, even when the opening angle is changed
  • Conforms to NAAMS and Euro mounting standards
  • Tolerance compensation for variable part thicknesses
  • Enclosed aluminum body
    Sealed needle bearings
    Completely enclosed sensor
  • Front, rear and side mounting
  • Clamp sizes available: 40mm, 50mm, 63mm
  • Manual unlocking in the event of air pressure loss
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