Automatic & Manual Tool Changers

DESTACO Automatic Tool Changers are perfect for flexible, multi-tool applications which use only one robot.  These products were designed with exceptional repeatability, high rigidity and load capacity to make them ideal for any robotic application.  End effector tooling and modular fixturing can be automatically changed, quickly and easily, to accommodate many different styles of parts in the same cell or machine.

DESTACO Manual Tool Changers, in cooporation with Automation Adapters and Press Nest Stands, allow you to quickly switch between various end effector tooling in seconds with the pull of a handle.  Optional integral air ports and electric connections provide immediate power to your system, eliminates manual re-connection of air lines or electric plugs, and reduces machine downtime.






  • Speed Matters - Change end effectors in seconds using DESTACO's wide range of automatic or manual tool changers.
  • Increase Strength - Our highly engineered locking mechanism increases rigidity and load capacity making DESTACO tool changers ideal for any robotic application.
  • Reduce downtime  - Greatly reduce machine downtime with integrated air ports and electrical connectors that provide immediate power to your system and eliminates manual re-connection of air lines or sensors. 
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