Vacuum Cups and Magnets

DESTACO Vacuum Cups The DESTACO Vacuum Cup and Magnet product range includes a wide variety of styles with various shapes, sizes and materials for your application.  Our Vacuum Cups consist of a flexible, elastic material and a connection to the vacuum source. From Class-A Finish surfaces to 480 Degree F (250 C) parts - DESTACO has the vacuum cup solution for your application! We have also created a user-friendly Application, Characteristics and Usage (ACU) Index, on page 5-6, to assist in the selection of the most appropriate vacuum cup for the application. DESTACO Magnets can be used in place of Vacuum Cups when there is insufficient surface area to pick and place the product safely and efficiently with Vacuum Cups.  

New Accelerate Polyurethane Vacuum Cups

vacuum cupsDESTACO's newest vacuum cups are made of durable long-lasting polyurethane, and feature high friction, anti-slip treading. This material and tread combination gives these cups an excellent sealing capability with a fast firm grip, a long shelf life, and improved shape memory retention. 

See our full line of polyurethane vacuum cups and download tech specs and CAD models here.


  • DESTACO Vacuum Cups are designed to handle high acceleration and deceleration 
  • Spring return or pneumatically actuated Magnets available
  • Vacuum Cup material options include nitrile rubber, silicone, Viton or extreme high-temp for hot forming applications.
  • Industry standard Metric and Imperial mounting options.
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