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DESTACO TPLP Series Magnets are ideal for use where vacuum cups or grippers are not able to be used and are typically used for lifting and moving steel sheets, blanks, stamped parts and complete assemblies.

  • Powerful Rare Earth magnet positively holds parts - no dropping or shifting in the event of air loss
  • Instantaneous pick-up and release - maximum 60psi supply air pressure to release with spring return for pick-up operation
  • Maximum operating temperature 140° F (60° C)
Holding Capacity - Vertical Lift (kg) 3.18 (26 Ga. metal plate) to 4.54 (3/16" metal pate) with pad
4.54 (26 Ga. metal plate) to 7.71 (3/16" metal pate) without pad
Holding Capacity - Vertical Lift (lbf) 7.0 (26 Ga. metal plate) to 10.0 (3/16" metal pate) with pad
10.0 (26 Ga. metal plate) to 17.0 (3/16" metal pate) without pad
Weight (g) 136.0
Weight (oz) 5.0
Diameter (mm) 38.1
Diameter (in) 1.500
Operating Pressure (bar) 2.4
Operating Pressure (PSI) 35
Durometer 50 (low skid)
Mount 3/8" NPT
Port 3/8" NPT Compressed Air Port
Shape Round
Product Type Mag-Lift Magnet
Cup Size 1.50 in
Product Series Description Magnet
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