VERSA® Telemanipulator

VERSA® is not just a new telemanipulator, it is the culmination of decades of designs and new innovative development.

New Three-Piece System

Versa Telemanipulaor with VR8 Handle SystemVERSA® is the latest CRL telemanipulator to be introduced to the remote handling industry. It aligns with CRL's commitment to continuously improve and develop the best products available. We took your needs seriously to create and manufacture a product that is customizable to any application and designed with ergonomics in mind. VERSA® is truly our most versatile telemanipulator model and poised to be a powerful new product in the industry.

VERSA® is available in Medium-Duty (MD) and Heavy-Duty (HD) models to meet all application demands.

 VERSA® features available:

  • Variable Operator Height Adjustment
  • Ergonomically Designed VR8 Handle System
  • Easily, Removable/Changeable Wrist Joint
  • Versatile Seal Tube for interchangeable use with MD & HD models

Download our whitepaper on the new VERSA VR8 Handle System:
Getting a Handle on Improved Telemanipulator Operation

Varieties of VERSA Telemanipulator
  • Removable Wrist Joint allows for changes to be completed in cell without the use of another telemanipulator
  • VR8 Handle System is easily removable allowing each operator to use their own custom fit handle
  • The versatile Seal Tube can be used interchangeably with both MD & HD arms 
  • Manual Z Indexing on the Command Arm allows for operators to make height adjustments for more ergonomic working positions
  • The VR8 Handle System was ergonomically designed and developed to be fully customizable for each operator
  • Custom balance and Command arm neutral position

VERSA Telemanipulator Dimensions

Design Highlights

VR8 Handle System

VR8 Handle SystemVERSA® Handles are ergonomically designed and developed to be fully customizable for each operator. The VERSA® Handle System allows for optimal performance and overall ergonomic benefits to the operator while providing the most comfortable operator experience possible.

  • Designed with ergonomics, operator comfort and safety as our focus
  • Interchangeable handle system
  • Most adjustable and customizable handle available from CRL

Removable Wrist Joint

Removable Wrist JointThe wrist joint is a collection of gears, bevel gears, bearing, and pulleys that mesh together to give the telemanipulator the hand-like motion that are their trademarks. On a remote arm, the wrist and tong area of a telemanipulator gets the most contaminated. The Removable Wrist Joint will help with special cases where a standard tong/wrist is problematic and needs to be removed from the remote arm.

  • Booting attaches above the tong to reduce tong friction
  • Removable without input from another telemanipulator
  • “Dirtiest” portion of the remote arm can be left in the cell for maintenance operations

Z Manual Ergonomic Adjustment

Telemanipulator indexing lets you change the relationship of the command and remote arms to improve in cell reach, or make operations easier by allowing the operator to stand in a comfortable position. Z Indexing (or Extension) controls the height of the remote arm in relation to the command arm. Z Manual Ergonomic Adjustment takes that a step further to allow the operator to make a manual adjustment to the command arm allowing for a more ergonomic working height, while keeping the remote arm in its original working position.

  • Independent height adjustment on command arm
  • Provides ergonomic comfort adjustment for operators

VERSA Z Indexing

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