VV85G - Pneumatic Precision Guide

Flexible Body-In-White Solutions 

Our newest line of precision guides and lifters, when used with DESTACO power clamps and pin packages, provides customers flexibility in body-in-white applications. Precision slides and lifters are ideal for applications where multiple parts are produced on a single production line, with clamping and locating points at different positions and locations. 

  • Two strokes available - 20mm, 40mm
  • Can be used in vertical or horizontal orientation
  • Locks in extended and retracted position
  • Completely enclosed, protected mechanism
  • One compact body size for multiple strokes






  • Enclosed body protects internal mechanism
  • Maintenance free - over 3 million cycles
  • Internal locking mechanisms promotes worker safety
  • Locks in extended and/or retracted position
  • Multiple mounting surfaces for greater flexibility
  • Same mounting hole pattern as DESTACO power clamping products
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