Waste Drum Transfer System (WDTS)

DESTACO's CRL Waste Drum Transfer System (WDTS) was developed to address a growing need in the market for safe and repeatable waste transfers. The WDTS gives hot-cell banks and waste generating gloveboxes the ability to automate the waste removal process, removing the interface of operators with dangerous waste products.

The Waste Drum Transfer System consists of:

  • A plate-mounted transfer port assembly typically mounted in the floor of a glovebox or a hot cell
  • An automation control unit that can be mounted remotely
  • DESTACO provided HDPE drum liners for insertion into standard 55-gallon drums
  • A drum lift and transfer cart that can be provided depending on application

Shielded or Unshielded Configurations

The Waste Drum Transfer System can be provided in either shielded or unshielded configurations.


The Unshielded Drum Liner allows for maximum usage of internal space while still providing the same level of sealing protection for the operator.The unshielded configuration is ideal for low level waste in glove box applications. The larger internal volume of the unshielded container allows for greater cubic feet of waste removal essential in waste characterization.


The Shielded Drum liner allows for maximum protection. The provided shielding allows for operators to work with radioactive materials and still utilizes the same time tested CRL sealing system. 


  • Fully automated with a self-centering docking ring, and a full automated locking system
  • The WDTS is fully PLC controlled and equipped with a touch screen user interface.
  • Waste Stream Efficiency: The WDTS gives the user the ability to maximize waste storage space. The unit itself is 100% repeatable, meaning that in the event that a drum is not totally full, it simply needs to be closed and undocked. It can be redocked and opened at any time to be refilled.
  • Cost Savings: The removal and isolation of operators from direct interaction with harmful materials reduces the number of personnel necessary to safely access a cell thus reducing costs.
  • The internal port door is fully automated and interlocked and cannot be opened without a drum in place.
  • Operator Safety: Historical waste removal processes have utilized a plastic bag out procedure that exposed workers to unnecessary contamination risks. CRL WDTS replaces the bag with a drum liner and allows remote waste removal without operator exposure.
  • All parts that will require maintenance are located on the cold side of the system, eliminating the need to enter the cell to perform trouble shooting activities.



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