Aerospace Clamps

clamps for aerospace applications

DESTACO Offers a wide range of clamps for the Aerospace market. Providing workholding solutions for wing and fusage manufacturing. DESTACO offers manual, power, and pneumatic workholding clamps customized to fit the unique needs of the Aerospace industry.

All aerospace clamps are customized to your specific application so they require a quotation. If you are interested in any DESTACO Aerospace Clamps, use the Request a Quote form for more information.



  • 100 Years of Manual Toggle Clamps History
  • Wide selection of manual toggle clamps from hold down clamps (vertical or horizontal handle) to latch clamps and straight action or squeeze-action clamps.
  • Many models also come equipped with DESTACO® Toggle Lock Plus®, an innovative safety feature that adds a secondary lock to the clamp.

 Workholding Solutions for Wing & Fuselage

991-1091 Series Mandrel Power Clamp

  • Unique arm motion rotates into position and then creates a drawing motion
  • Pull-action clamping forces 13.3 to 33.4 kN[3,000 to 7,500 lbs.]
  • Working temperature to 180°C [356°F] for demanding autoclave cycles
  • Fully enclosed and sealed for washdown
  • Toggle-lock feature maintains clamp force when separated from air supply
  • Optional end of cylinder stroke pneumatic sensor available for the 1091 series
  • Detent mechanism maintains arms in the retracted position when disconnected from air supply

PFC Series Pneumatic Fabric Clamp

  • Fabric friendly design, no sharp contact points
  • 133-222N [30-50 lbs.] Clamping force
  • Rod lock feature maintains clamping force when disconnected from air supply
  • Compliant arm design allows for height and angular variation.

LPC Series Locking Pullback Clamp

  • Maintains pull force when used to hold composite tooling together
  • Extends through locating holes, then expands pin and pulls back when air is released
  • Large internal spring maintains clamping force of 2.2 to 3.1kN [500 to 700 lbs.] when disconnected from air supply
  • Allows for misalignment
  • Working temperature to 180°C [356°F] for demanding autoclave cycles
  • Download the LPC datasheet

CFC Series Controlled Force Cartridge

  • Prevents overclamping of thin, lightweight structures
  • Visually indicates safe clamping load condition - green/yellow/red
  • Available sizes: 22, 44, 89 and 133 N [5, 10, 20, and 30 lb.] nominal clamping load. Cartridges are color coded for easy identification.
  • Indicates nominal load with +/-10% accuracy
  • Easily adapts to existing Destaco squeeze action pilar clamps that use M10 adjustment spindles
  • Additional loads available upon request
  • Download the CFC datasheet

MCC Manual Clip Clamp

  • Exerts clamping force in two directions
  • Horizontal clamping force 12 lbs (55N) nominal; vertical clamping force 3 lbs. (13N) nominal. Additional loads available upon request
  • Over-center toggle lock maintains clamped and locked position
  • Detent holds handle open to 180°
  • Spring loaded to accommodate variation in part size
  • Download the MCC datasheet

MSC Series Manual Stringer Clamp

  • Cost-effective stringer clamping solution
  • Unique arm movement swings 63°, then pulls in a straight line with 19mm [0.75in.] of travel
  • Over-center toggle locking design for secure and repeatable clamping
  • Compliant arm design accommodates small variations in stringer thickness
  • Customized clamping arms available to suit application requirements
  • Optional DE-STA-CO® Toggle Lock Plus® version available for added safety
  • Download the MSC datasheet

PSC-105 Series Pneumatic Stringer Clamp

  • Automated stringer clamping solution
  • Innovative clamping solution accommodates wide variations in stringer dimensions (thickness & leg lengths)
  • Nominal clamping force: 240N [54 lbs.] Horizontal; 470N [106 lbs.] Vertical (@ 5.5bar [80 psi] inlet pressure)
  • Pneumatic cylinder is sensor ready (Ø4mm)
  • Customized clamping arms available to suit application requirements.
  • Download the PSC-105 datasheet

PSC Series Pneumatic Stringer Clamp with Index

  • Automated stringer clamping solution withintegrated precision stringer index
  • Innovative clamping solution accommodates wide variations in stringer dimensions (thickness & leg lengths)
  • Nominal clamping force: 240N [54 lbs.] Horizontal; 470N [106 lbs.]
    Vertical (@ 5.5 bar [80 psi] inlet pressure)
  • Pneumatic cylinder is sensor ready (Ø4mm)
  • Customized clamping arms available to suit application requirements

PEG Series Pneumatic End Gate Clamp

  • Arm pivots 90° then clamps 12°
  • Sensor ready design (Ø4mm) to determine position
  • 90 lbs (400N) clamp force with 80 psi (5.5 bar)
  • Low profile design.

PRC Series Pneumatic Edge Clamp

  • Low profile pneumatic retracting clamp for clamping of thin, lightweight structures
    such as composites
  • Clamping arm travels 25mm [1.00in.]horizontal then pivots 13° down
  • Clamping force range: 220 to 490N [50 to 110 lb.] (@ 5.5 bar [80 psi] inlet
  • Pneumatic cylinder is sensor ready
  • Clamping arm is custom made to suit application requirements

6004 Series Manual Swing Clamps

  • Combines two existing Destaco technologies to create an easy-to-use option
  • For fixture building/testing, welding and assembly operations in the industrial, aerospace, and automotive markets
  • Provide quick swing-and-clamp movement for increased productivity, push or pull operation, and can be locked in two positions
  • Enclosed cam track and can clamp and lock in both retract and extend positions
  • Features a detent that holds the clamp in the open position in order to prevent unwanted movement
  • Download the datasheet or visit our webpage

400 Series Squeeze Action Plier Clamps

  • The industry standard for performance and reliability
  • Forged alloy steel construction for unmatched durability
  • Wide selection of sizes for a variety of applications
  • Urethance coated jaws to protect work surfaces are available upon request.

Manual Toggle Clamps

  • The original industry standard Red Handle toggle clamps
  • Unmatched selection of styles and sizes to meet virtually any clamping application

Expanding Mandrels & Chucks

For centering & clamping parts during:

  • Machining: turning, milling, shaving, grinding
  • Inspection
  • Balancing
  • Locating
  • Parts Alignment

Diameters from 6 to 700 mm – Repeatability from 0.002 to 0.005 mm


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