Changeurs D'Outil Automatiques Et Manuels
Destaco’s RHC Series of EOA modular robot tool changers lead the industry with self-lubricating seals, pneumatic ports, precision cone positioning, and failsafe operation. A wide variety of utilities are available to quick disconnect, I/O, air, water, weld power, servo power, vacuum lines. These models feature a simple locking mechanism, high weight to payload ratio in the industry, and hard anodize for improved wear over long periods.


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détails du produit Vue de l'unité :
Moment Maxi (in-lb) 25000
Charge Max (lb) 1000
Poids (lb) 12.39
Moment Maxi (Nm) 2825
Poids (kg) 6.52
Charge max (kg) 454
Fonction de produit Outillage Robotique
Gammes de produits Changeurs D'Outils Automatiques - RHC
DistributorGroup End Effectors
Distributor Group - FR Prehenseurs
Type de produit Base, automatique
PublishedDate 1670273332000
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