Destaco’s 802-U Series pneumatic hold down clamps feature sensor ready for round or T-slot style sensors and are the pneumatic versions of Model 202-U.


Pneumatic, toggle clamp version of our manual clamp model 202-U. Pneumatic cylinder features built in flow control for smooth operation and magnetic ring piston for position sensing. Accommodates either T-slot (8EA-109-1) or round (810169) sensors.
  • For light duty welding and assembly applications
  • Sensor ready for T-slot or round sensors
  • Pneumatic version of 202-U manual toggle clamp
  • Model 802-U has 1/8NPT ports
  • Model 802-UE has G-1/8 ports
  • Replacement Clamp Assembly: 802-U-LC
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Product Details Unit View:
exerting_force_lbf_english 200
Height Under Clamp Arm (in) 1.06
Cylinder Bore (in) 1.26
Maximum Holding Capacity (lbf) 200
Weight (lb) 1.6
Air Consumption (ft³) 0.012
Clamp Arm Length (in) 1.73
Exerting Force (lbf) 200
exerting_force_n_metric 2010
Clamp Arm Length (mm) 43.9
Maxmum Holding Capacity (N) 890
Height Under Clamp Arm (mm) 27
Exerting Force (N) 2010
Air Consumption (dm³) 0.34
Cylinder Bore (mm) 32
Weight (kg) 0.73
Product Type Pneumatic Toggle Clamp
Requires Articulation yes
Operating Temperature -10° to 90°C (-14° to 194° F)
Spindle Assembly 202208-M
Spindle Included? Yes
Clamp Arm Style u-bar
Replacement Seal Kit 802450-32-1-00
Flanged Washers 215105
Product Series 802
Application - Assembly Excellent/High
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Application - Welding Fair/Medium
Product Function Clamping
Air Port size 1/8 NPT
Duty Cycle Poor/Low