Destaco’s 807-s Series pneumatic hold down clamps feature sensor ready for round or T-slot style sensors, built-in flow restriction that eliminates the need for external flow controls, and function as the pneumatic version of the Series 207 manual clamps.


Pneumatic, toggle clamp version of our manual clamp models 207-U and 207-S. Pneumatic cylinder features built in flow control for smooth operation and magnetic ring piston for position sensing. Accommodates either T-slot (8EA-109-1) or round (810169) sensors.
  • Sensor ready for round or T-slot sensors.
  • Built-in flow restriction eliminates need for external flow controls
  • Pneumatic version of 207 manual toggle clamp
  • Supplied with bolt retainer
  • Replacement Clamp Assembly: 807-S-LC
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Product Details Unit View:
Air Consumption (ft³) 0.015
Weight (lb) 1.66
Clamp Arm Length (in) 3.13
Exerting Force (lbf) 540
Height Under Clamp Arm (in) 1.38
exerting_force_lbf_english 540
Maximum Holding Capacity (lbf) 500
Cylinder Bore (in) 1.26
Height Under Clamp Arm (mm) 35
exerting_force_n_metric 2412
Weight (kg) 0.75
Cylinder Bore (mm) 32
Maxmum Holding Capacity (N) 2220
Air Consumption (dm³) 0.42
Exerting Force (N) 2412
Clamp Arm Length (mm) 80
Product Type Pneumatic Toggle Clamp
Duty Cycle Fair/Medium
Operating Temperature -10° to 90°C (-14° to 194° F)
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Port Standard Ports
Air Port size 1/8 NPT
Clamp Arm Style solid
Product Series 807
Bolt Retainer 207105
Replacement Seal Kit 802450-32-1-00
Requires Articulation yes
Application - Assembly Excellent/High
Application - Welding Fair/Medium
Product Function Clamping