Pneumatic Power Clamps

82M-3E Center Arm


U-clamping arm set. For NAAMS painted arms add a -P to the end of the model number when ordering.
  • Clamp Arm for 82M-3E
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Weight (lb) 9.02
Arm Offset 1.77
Arm Offset 1.77
Arm Offset (mm) 45.0
Clamp Arm Length (mm) 204.0
Arm Offset (mm) 45.0
Weight (kg) 4.1
PublishedDate 1675261290000
Product Function Clamping
Product Type Clamp Arm
Product Series 82M-3E Arms
283-HTS_TARIFF_CODE 84799070
Used With Model/Series 82M-3E.…80..
DistributorGroup Workholding (Manual, Power and Hydraulic Clamps)
Material Steel
Clamp Arm Style U-Arm (Center)
Product Accessories
The new 82M-3E Series Power Clamp offers multiple mounting and shaft options for Euro/NAAMS standards, with field adjustable opening angles, multiple cylinder sizes and first-in-class manual locking.
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