Pneumatic Power Cylinders for Stamping, Clamping & Pressing

Destaco’s K400-120-6-1 Series of pneumatic power cylinders can power elements of machines, tools, and other devices.


Power element of machines, tool and devices. Mechanical advantage 10:1, due to the wedge lever principle. The unit has a two steps stroke consisting of the forward stroke and the power stroke with the amplified force (4 kN). Piston rod with male thread.
  • 10:1 mechanical advantage
  • Characteristic are the two steps of stroke: the forward stroke to move a certain distance and the power stroke with an amplified force on a short distance
  • Exact positioning of cylinder by flange mount on cylinder’s head
  • Cylinder works in any position
  • High durability because of solid and maintenance free wedge lever mechanics.
  • End position control by magnetic field sensing

Note: Operating pressure max. 6 bar [87psi], min 3 bar [44psi]. Use only clean, water- and oil-free compressed air. Piston rod is not secured against twisting and should not be loaded transversal.

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Product Details Unit View:
Weight (lb) 5.3
Cylinder Bore (in) 1.97
Air Consumption per double stroke at 87 psi (ft³) 0.087
Power Stroke (in) 0.236
Max. Clamping Force (lbf) 1350.0
piston_force_forward_stroke_6bar_lbf_english 238.0
Piston force within forward stroke at 6 bar (lbf) 238.0
air_consumption_double_stroke_6bar_ft_english 2.47
Air Consumption per double stroke at 87 psi (ft³) 0.087
Forward Stroke (in) 2.76
Air Consumption per double stroke at 6 bar (ft³) 2.47
Cylinder Bore (mm) 50
Piston force within forward stroke at 6 bar (N) 1060.0
Max. Clamping Force (N) 6000.0
Power Stroke (mm) 6.0
Weight (kg) 2.4
piston_force_forward_stroke_6bar_n_metric 1060.0
Forward Stroke (mm) 70.0
Product Series K
Product Function Clamping
PublishedDate 1674075969417
Product Type Piston Rod with External Thread
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