Destaco’s 8116 Series block style, pneumatic swing clamps are designed to swing left while featuring a spindle, can be mounted from the top or side for added flexibility, and are equipped with a magnetic ring pistons for position sensing.


These proven, reliable designs are useful in a wide variety of applications including welding and assembly. The block style bodies can be mounted from the top or side for maximum flexibility. All models feature a magnetic ring piston for position sens
  • Sensor ready
  • Clamping arm and spindle included. Available with out clamping arm, specify -LA
  • Left hand swing
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Weight (lb) 0.68
Stroke during rotation (in) 0.47
Stroke during rotation (in) 0.47
Vertical clamp stroke (in) 0.38
Clamping Force @ 5Bar[72Psi] (lbf.) 18
Cylinder Bore (in) 0.75
Air Consumption (per double stroke at 7 psi) (in³) 0.002
Vertical clamp stroke (in) 0.38
Stroke (in) 0.85
Cylinder Bore (mm) 19.1
Weight (kg) 0.31
Vertical clamp stroke (mm) 9.7
Vertical clamp stroke (mm) 9.7
Stroke (mm) 21.5
Stroke during rotation (mm) 11.8
Clamping Force @ 5Bar[72Psi] (N) 80
Stroke during rotation (mm) 11.8
Air Consumption (per double stroke at 5 bar) (dm³) 0.06
Replacement Seal Kit 801560
Sensor Ready Yes
Swing Direction LH
Air Port size 10-32
Mount Block style - side or top mount
Product Series 8100/8300
Product Function Clamping
Product Accessories
REPAIR KIT FOR 8000 & 8100
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