Destaco’s 9500 Series pneumatic swing clamps are designed to be mounted to any surface or with mounting screws threaded directly into the body.


The 9500 series has been upgraded to make them more versatile and easier to install. These new versions have all the same innovative features as the original but can now be mounted to any face or with mounting screws threaded directly into the body.
  • Unique design allows clamp arm to swing 90° on a horizontal plane before moving downward on its clamping stroke
  • Shielded piston rod for protection from weld spatter
  • Optional mounting accessories for side flange or tapped mounting
  • Available in four bore sizes, clamping arms sold separately
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Weight (lb) 0.68
Stroke during rotation (in) 0.0
Vertical clamp stroke (in) 0.5
Cylinder Bore (in) 0.86
Vertical clamp stroke (in) 0.5
Air Consumption (per double stroke at 7 psi) (in³) 0.004
Clamping Force @ 5Bar[72Psi] (lbf.) 34.0
Stroke (in) 0.5
Vertical clamp stroke (mm) 13.0
Clamping Force @ 5Bar[72Psi] (N) 150.0
Vertical clamp stroke (mm) 13.0
Weight (kg) 0.31
Stroke during rotation (mm) 0.0
Air Consumption (per double stroke at 5 bar) (dm³) 0.1
Cylinder Bore (mm) 22
Stroke (mm) 13.0
Tapped Hole Mount Kit 952261
Product Function Clamping
Air Port size M5
Replacement Seal Kit 952292
Product Series 9500
Standard Mount Kit 952262
Mount Block: Side flange, tapped hole, standard
PublishedDate 1675195954211
Swing Direction LH
Foot Mount Kit 952260
Product Accessories
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