Colored Handles


Colored Handles

DESTACO is expanding the selection of colored manual clamp handles. Different families of manual clamps are now available with 5 handle colors. The range of colors is interesting for customers who work in prototype construction as well as for customers who need to implement specific safety aspects using standardized color codes. Also it provides the option to have a customized color design.

The following series of clamps can now be ordered with alternate blue, green, yellow, black handles: 202, 207, 602, 604, 624, 213, 227, 237, 2002, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2017, 2027. Please refer to Colored Handles Chart for example. All models available can be reviewed on our website. Please use standard model CAD files and modify handle color in your CAD program.

* Manual lever handles in 5 different colors
* Available for 14 manual clamp series
* Available on other series models upon request, e.g. UB versions, locking clamps

Markets: AutomotiveFood and Packaging, Industrial, Consumer Goods, Assembly, Welding, Fixture/Testing, CNC/Machining, Transportation

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