Hold Down Clamps

Small, stainless steel toggle clamp series for light duty clamping in tight spaces with flanged base and solid bar.


The smallest in our line of horizontal hold-down clamps.
  • Stainless Steel Design
  • Solid bar clamping arm (U-bar available) supplied with stainless steel hex head spindle
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Maximum Holding Capacity (lbf) 75
Clamp Arm Length (in) 0.89
Weight (lb) 0.07
Height Under Clamp Arm (in) 0.35
Clamp Arm Length (mm) 22.6
Weight (kg) 0.03
Maxmum Holding Capacity (N) 340
Height Under Clamp Arm (mm) 8.9
Clamp Arm Style Solid Bar
Product Type Horizontal Hold-Down Clamps
Application - Machining Poor/Low
Application - Assembly Excellent/High
Handle Horizonal
Service Environment Normal
Spindle Assembly 205943
Application - Wood-Working Excellent/High
Application - Food Processing Fair/Medium
Toggle Lock Plus No
Duty Cycle 2
Product Series 205
Product Type Standard
Application - Closures Excellent/High
Application - Checking Fixtures Excellent/High
Application - Welding Poor/Low
Base Mounting Style Flange
Product Function Clamping
Standard Material Stainless Steel
Clamp Bar Opening (+10°) (degrees) 94
Handle Opening (+10°) 82
Accomodates Workpiece Variation No
Product Accessories
Spindle, stainless steel
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