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Flanged Washers - Clamp Accessories


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For Spindle Diameter (in) 5/16
For Spindle Diameter (mm) M8
Standard Material Steel
Accessory Type Flanged Washers
Product Series Clamp acessories
Product Function Clamping
Product Type Clamp Accessories
DistributorGroup Workholding (Manual, Power and Hydraulic Clamps)
Used With Model/Series 2007-U|2007-UB|2007-UR|2007-UBR|207-U|207-UR|207-UL|207-UB|207-ULB|507-TU|207-TUL|207-UF|207-I-L|207-UB-L|91090|317-U|2027-U|2027-UR|227-U|227-UB|227-U-L|227-UB-L|225-U|225-UR|225-UB|307-U|307-UR
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