Pull Action, Manual Latch Clamps for Molding & Assembly Applications

3051-RSS - Controlled Latch Clamp


This new clamp offers a level safety and utility not found in any other toggle clamp. The innovative controlled hook motion allows quick, safe, one-handed operation. The clamp''s over-center condition is not affected by the elevation of the latch point,
  • Fast, safe, one-handed operation
  • With Toggle Lock Plus
  • Integrated lock-out hole for pin or lock
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Max Hook Adjustment (in) 0.55
Weight (lb) 1.1
Hook Adjustment (in) 0.55
Maximum Holding Capacity (lbf) 1500
Drawing Movement without Thumb Control (in) 0.75
Hook Adjustment (mm) 14
Weight (kg) 0.5
Drawing Movement without Thumb Control (mm) 19.1
Hook Adjustable Range (mm) 14
Drawing Movement without Thumb Control (mm) 19.1
Maxmum Holding Capacity (N) 6700
Base Mounting Style Flange
Standard Material Stainless Steel
Replacement Hook Assembly 3051808
Toggle Lock Plus Yes
Product Function Clamping
Hook Adjustable Range 14
Ef:Af Exerting Force: Applied Force ((pushing/pulling)) 12:1
Product Type Pull-Action Latch Clamps
Product Series 3031/3051
Product Type Controlled
Hook Type J-Hook