Hello, everybody. My name is Darren Greene, Director of Marketing Communications for Destaco, and attendees - you can go ahead and send in any questions you may have. Audience interaction is very important in this session, because we're answering a lot of your frequently asked questions. We have Destaco experts available to talk with you through our online chats and one-on-one. We also have a panel of specialists to talk about some of the frequently asked questions that we get here at Destaco. So I'd like to introduce our panel today. We have Gary Labadie, Global Project Director for Grippers and Indexers. Ravi Shivanna, the Global Product New Product Development Manager for Destaco Camco.


Wendy Robbins, the Customer Experience Specialist for the Americas and Misty McClintock, the Customer Experience Supervisor for the Americas. Welcome all! How are we doing today? I'd like to start-off with a question regarding our products, how we go to market, how we sell our products. Can somebody provide some clarity on what products we sell to end users through distribution versus going direct? Yeah – so we sell our power clamps and grippers strictly through distribution, so in-order to order those products, you can visit our website at There's a distributor finder right at the top of the screen. You'll be able to put in your zip code and find a distributor local to you.


CPI products - we do sell direct so we can take those orders direct for you. What about our other products, like Camco indexers? We do sell direct. We do suggest speaking to a sales partner just to get a little bit more information and make sure that the product is going to work for you in your application. As we talk about really selling direct to our customers, how can somebody talk to somebody about a solution they need? You can always use our direct customer service line which is 888-Destaco or you may email us at on our email address.


We have customer service representatives. Question that you may have on an application, what about for Camco? How do customers work with us on Camco products? So on Camco, it's the same option. You can call into 888-Destaco and speak to any of our representatives. We would suggest that you locate a distributor within your area. Again - you can find that on our website. To speak to a sales partner and get a little bit more information, a little bit of individualized information for your situation. If I'm a distributor or a channel partner, and I have questions, I know you guys get tons of questions from our distributors or channels on different things - but if I have a question regarding an order, price, availability - is there other tools I can use other than calling customer service to get answers?


Yes, we do have a distributor portal. Our sales partners and distributors would have to have access to that, and it is password required. Basically, once you're on the Destaco portal, you will have access of your purchase order, price, and availability - and also tracking numbers. Any order that's placed with us, you'll be able to get information in-regards to those orders. And that's available only to our partners and our distributors? Correct, yes - available to our sales partners. Another question that is frequently asked is about, I know sometimes it does happen, where our products need to get returned, and we do have some warranty concerns or issues. What's our policy on returns and warranties?


So with our returns, typically, we deal directly with the distributor on all returns. It all depends on the product line. The manual clamping product line is a three-year policy. We also have the end effectors. That is also a three-year policy, and pneumatic clamps will be a one-year policy; but typically, what will happen is a distributor will contact customer service to request a return authorization, and the return will be handled at that time. Okay - I'd like to ask you, our individuals that are watching us today, if you do have any questions - go ahead and submit them in the Q&A section. We'll be happy to answer them. We can answer any questions on different products, on customer service questions, and on any kind of other questions we may have.


Let's talk about certain product questions that we may have. Gary, can you talk to us about certain Robohand products, and certain common questions that you get regarding our Robohand products? Yeah, absolutely – Darren. With respect to Robohand products, it's not always fully understood is within North America, but in reality, Robohand is a global product that consists of two-jaw, three-jaw angular grippers. Whether they're for general industrial, whether they're for medical, whether they're for precision applications - but then there's also rotaries slides and automatic tool changes that go into manufacturing robotic, flexible cells.


So the brand is global. It's serviced globally, and we have a ton of products. It's one of the few lines in the market that has an extremely diverse amount of products, and that's where the questions really start to come in.

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