Parallel Grippers

RTH - Shielded 3-Jaw Centering Parallel Gripper


The RTH Series 3-Jaw Parallel Gripper is ideal for machine load/unload applications. It''s shielded design repels chips and other particulate from the internal drive mechanism. Each gripper is avaliable in two stroke lengths.
  • The 3 concentric jaws and excellent repeatability make it easier to accurately load and unload round parts
  • Compact, robust and powerful gripper can be used in confined spaces, combining long strokes with a high grip force
  • The large surface area of the jaws coupled with the encapsulated bottom case design allows for long finger designs
  • Versatile gripper with a wide range of options and accessories
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Max Vacuum (in. Hg) 8
Stroke (in) 2.76
Grip Force (lbf) 5122
Maximum Finger Length (in) 16
Cylinder Bore (in) 8.86
Stroke per Jaw (in) 1.38
Grip Force with Spring Assist (lb) 6450
Weight (lb) 96.8
Weight (kg) 43.9
accuracy_mm_metric 0.1
Maximum Finger Length (mm) 406
Imperial or Metric Product Metric
Grip Force with Spring Assist (N) 28690
Stroke per Jaw (mm) 35
Stroke (mm) 70
Max Vacuum (mm Hg) 20
Grip Force (N) 22784
Cylinder Bore (mm) 225
Repeatability (±mm) 0.05
Product Function Gripping
Temp Range Standard -35° to 80°C (-30° to 180°F)
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Pressure Range Without Springs 30-100 psi
Temp Range Viton -30° to 150°C (-20° to 300°F)
Actuation (Open/Closed) (Sec) 1.7
Product Series RTH
Special Feature Heavy Duty
Pressure Range With Springs 55-100 psi
Number of Jaws 3
Product Type 3 Jaw Parallel
Spring Assist Optional