Destaco’s RFE-11 Series of feed escapements features an automatic finger locking mechanism.


The RFE series of feed escapements offer failsafe locking fingers, sealed design to prevent internal component wear, and built-in sensor mounting slots. They are the most effective mechanism for separating components fed from a track or conveyor.
  • Finger locking mechanism ensures that only one finger can be retracted at one time for proper part feeding
  • Square shaft prevents shaft from rotating
  • Unit can be mounted using top, bottom, or face surface
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Thrust Force (lbf) 50
Max Air Pressure (PSI) 100
Stroke (in) 1
Weight (lb) 0.85
Max Moment Load (in-lbs) 50
Pressure Range (bar) 40-100 psi
Imperial or Metric Product Metric Version
Max Moment Load (Nm) 6
Weight (kg) 0.39
Stroke (mm) 25.4
Max Air Pressure (bar) 7
Thrust Force (N) 222
Product Function Linear Positioning
Actuation (Open/Closed) (Sec) 0.6
283-HTS_TARIFF_CODE 84799070
Temp Range Viton -30° to 150°C (-20° to 300°F)
Product Series RFE
Download the Service Manual https://www.destaco.com/assets/pdfs/maintenance/RFE_Maintenance.pdf
Temp Range Standard -35° to 80°C (-30° to 180°F)
Product Type Double Finger