Light-Duty Pneumatic Clamping
The fast acting clamps can generate clamping force from air.


SELECT line of pneumatic swing/pull clamps are designed for applications not requiring hydraulic power. The fast acting clamps can generate up to 50 pounds of clamping force from shop air.
  • Swing motion available in 90 degrees
  • Two styles of arms
  • Double-locked arm design is bolted to piston shaft and around shaft diameter for extra rigidity
  • Threaded body for mounting through fixture plates
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Vertical clamp stroke (in) 0.49
Air Consumption (per double stroke at 7 psi) (in³) 0.008
Vertical clamp stroke (in) 0.49
Stroke during rotation (in) 0.57
Stroke during rotation (in) 0.57
Stroke (in) 1.06
Weight (lb) 1.13
Cylinder Bore (in) 1.26
Clamping Force @ 5Bar[72Psi] (lbf.) 30.0
Air Consumption (per double stroke at 5 bar) (dm³) 0.24
Vertical clamp stroke (mm) 12.4
Weight (kg) 0.51
Vertical clamp stroke (mm) 12.4
Stroke during rotation (mm) 14.4
Stroke during rotation (mm) 14.4
Clamping Force @ 5Bar[72Psi] (N) 133.0
Stroke (mm) 26.8
Cylinder Bore (mm) 32
Air Port size 1/8 NPT
Product Series 035
Swing Direction RH
Product Function Clamping
DistributorGroup Workholding (Manual, Power and Hydraulic Clamps)
Mount Flanged Body
Sensor Ready No
Replacement Seal Kit 905517
PublishedDate 1675170547000
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